Our Litters:

Here we go!

Our Sire is Ch. Sasikay Saks Wunderkind, ROM - Amadeus and our Dam is Ch. Kay's Encore of Salome, ROMX. We were born on August 28th, 2002, three of us are females and four males.

Our mom and dad are doing well, as well as us, but then you can see that.

A few words from our breeder..."The puppies eyes are now open and they are surveying the world around them. They also are getting up on their legs and wobbling around. I heard my first growl from one of them yesterday. They are beginning to play with on another. This is the fun time , watching their little personalities develop. We will start to supplement their feeding tonight, getting them adjusted to food other than mother's milk is always a chore. They are quite resistant at first and get more on them than in them. We mix Baby food cereal, Baby lamb and evaporated milk for starters."

Uh Oh, time for my first bath!

Our names are Daisy, Pansy, and Petunia.

Hi from Jeremy, Johnny, and Gerry

Cheyenne Locke

What a Magical beginning!

I like my warm teddy

Lexus and Lover Boy are our parents

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